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  • Shanghai Sunway Industry Co., Ltd is a manufactory of China who is specialized in manufacturing industry cutting tools. Sunway’s head office is located in .....

    Welcome to SUNWAY


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  • Masonry Drill-Standard
  • SDS Plus Masonry Drill
  • PIPE Reamer
  • Bridge Reamer
  • Chucking Reamer
  • Hand Reamer
  • ANSI Jobber Drill
  • ANSI Stub Drill
  • ANSI Long Drill
  • ANSI Extra Long Drill
  • ANSI Taper Shank Drill
  • ANSI Reduce Shank Drill
  • DIN338 Jobber Drill
  • DIN1897 Stub Drill
  • DIN1897 Double End Drill

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